Amazing Opportunity! 3-Day Personal Development and Transformation Course in Moncton February 21 - 23, 2014

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Jay Fiset

Topic: 3-Day Personal Development and Transformation Course in Moncton February 21 - 23, 2014
Presenter: Jay Fiset
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Success-Abundance-Freedom-Meaningful Relationships-
Self Confidence-Make a Difference-Be Happy

These are experiences that, as human beings, we all desire and deserve.

For many of us however, they are experiences that exist outside of our present reality. We can easily get caught up in the rat race of everyday life and resign our ideals to settle with "well, could be worse!". But you know in your heart that there is more you can be, do and have.

We at The Creator's Code deliver a foundation-shifting experiential course called The Gift for adults who have successes in their lives andwant more!

The Gift provides a space for you to have a greater awareness on how you tick. Specifically, raising your consciousness on the three things that you CAN control which contribute to the results you get in your life.

We view each person as a CREATOR of his or her life experience and we provide a ‘code’ to living a life as a CONSCIOUS creator.

The 12 Pillars of The Creator’s Code

It is not a secret, the following is what we cover in the course. What is special about our course is the way we conduct it. The format is experiential. Another way to say this, is that you will have the opportunity to not just learn about the 12 Pillars of The Creator’s Code, you will actually LIVE them while in the course. You can apply them in immediate and powerful ways into your life!

1. I Embrace Personal Accountability.

2. I Create More Than I Consume.

3. I Support Sustainability.

4. I Align My Life And Resources Around My Passions And Gifts.

5. I Live A Life Of Abundance, Generosity And Celebration.

6. I Am The Source And Cause Of My Experiences and Results.

7. I Accept And Understand My Needs And I Get Them Met In Clear And Healthy Ways

8. I Am An Active Learner And Teacher

9. I Am Grateful For Who I Am; For What I Am Capable Of; And For What I Have.

10. I Have A Spiritual Practice.

11. I Nurture And Care For My Body And My Health.

12. I Understand And Support Entrepreneurship. Either As An Entrepreneur Or Through Contributing To One That I Believe In.

What are the SPECIFIC benefits of The Gift?:

To be clear it is different for every person who participates but here are some themes that we hear about consistently.

Clarity, what makes you TICK? Why do you act and react the ways that you do? How would your life be different if you stopped your unconscious reactions and patterns?

Energy, by letting go of your blocks and barriers your energy shoots through the roof! What would you do with 3 times the creative energy?

Alignment, by recognizing your needs and getting them met in clean and clear ways, emotions like guilt, rejection, loneliness and anger evaporate. How much of your creative energy is being consumed by these emotions?

Creation, graduates of the programs focus their resources on creating by using their gifts, tapping into their passions and REALLY living the lives they desire.

You are here for a reason...what are YOU called to create?

Join the tens of thousands of people who have participated in The Gift and used the experience to catapult themselves forward in their lives.

Are you ready to commit to yourself??


See you on the webinar soon!


Jay Fiset

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